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‘Concert for Africa 2012 – The Makumbaya Project’

February 24, 2013 Leave a comment

As part of our continued support for Makumbaya Lower Basic School in the Gambia, West Africa, the Kitwell choir held their second ‘Concert for Africa’ at Newman University College Chapel. There was superb singing, a brilliant brass ensemble (courtesy of our brass teacher Mr. Douglas) and a star soloist guitar player. We also held a raffle and thanks must go to all parties who donated prizes. Special thanks must go to Mark Main of Clark IT who regularly supports us in raffle related events. All of the money raised on this evening will go towards Kitwell’s quest to complete the building of a library in Makumbaya Lower Basic School.

Click HERE to see the photos from our fantastic concert!


Fund Raising for Makumbaya

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment

As part of Kitwell’s ongoing links with Makumbaya Lower Basic School in the Gambia, West Africa. Kitwell children have been involved in lots of fundraising activities to help support our Gambia friends. Mrs Mistry’s class made lots of Gambian style artwork from recycled materials which they sold to parents on the Gambia stall at the Summer Fayre. Class 1 children also made Gambian style jewellery which, along with plants and flowers which Mr Bassett helped our children grow in the greenhouse, were also sold on our Gambian stall. Thanks must go to all the parents who supported our Gambian stall by buying all of our home made goods!

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Year 4 African Activities

Year 4 have been learning lots about life in Africa. Newman College student teachers (who recently visited the Gambia along with several members of the Kitwell staff) have been working with our Year 4s on lots of exciting African activities. They been learning how to tie dye clothes, they’ve been role-playing the life of an African child, they’ve been making African music and they’ve also helped to raise money to support our link schools in the Gambia. Year 4’s fund raising activities involved selling cakes, running and scoring lots of goals. Makumbaya Lower Basic school needs funds to finish the construction of their library and Bijilo Nursery School needs support with the re-building of classroom roofs. Both of these schools are a little closer to achieving their goals because of the generosity of some of our Year 4 children.

Click HERE to see the full Year 4 African activities gallery.

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‘Concert for Africa’ at Newman College

The Kitwell School Choir held their first ‘Concert for Africa’ at Newman College in July 2011. The money raised will go towards supporting our link schools – Bijilo Nursery School and Makumbaya Lower Basic School – in the Gambia. Our brass players also performed and we were also lucky enough to have ex-pupils sing for us.

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If you would like to hear our choir perform then you can visit their Youtube page at