Kingswood 2011

We arrived at school at 6.00am on the morning of Friday 10th June. Everyone was tired but also very excited. The coach was packed and we left school at 6.40am. Before we arrived at Portsmouth there was time to stop off at a service station and play our traditional game of ‘Blow Your Horn’.

Click HERE to view the full coach journey photo gallery.

After a long coach journey, we found ourselves in Portsmouth with plenty of time to spare. We were able to explore the local park, the beach and a museum. Following a mix up with booking numbers and tickets, we were able to board the ferry and set off for the Isle of Wight.

Click HERE to view the full Portsmouth photo gallery.

Making beds and meal times were two very important parts of the Kingswood experience. Putting covers on our beds, duvets and pillows was the first task which everyone had to accomplish before they were allowed to go anywhere near the go-karts or the zipwire. And, of course, there was always plenty to eat. It was important that we kept out energy up otherwise we might find ourselves falling asleep in the strangest of places….not looking at anybody in particular….CHRISTOPHER!!!! (See the beach photos…)

Click HERE to view the ‘Bed and Breakfast’ photo gallery.

The beach was only ten minutes walk from the Kingswood site. We were able to visit it twice during our residential weekend. Unfortunately, the tide was in both times. That didn’t stop us enjoying our usual game of ‘Dodge the Waves’.

Click HERE to view the beach photo gallery.

On Sunday we had rain and gales, but the bad weather didn’t stop us from taking part in any of our activities. The rain and wind made the ‘Leap of Faith’ especially interesting. We had to climb to the top of a very tall wooden pole and leap on to a rope swing. The wind made the pole very wobbly.

Click HERE to view the ‘Leap of Faith’ photo gallery.

‘Team Challenge’ presented us with lots of activities which involved climbing, hanging, swinging and crawling. Success in these activities depended on us working as a team…

Click HERE to view the ‘Team Challenge’ photo gallery.

The ‘Zipwire’ was high up in the air. It was a wire…and we had to ‘zip’ along it. If we reached the end of it then there was a bag of Haribo which we could claim. None of us have managed to claim the bag of Haribo…yet…there’s always next year…

Click HERE to view the ‘Zip-Wire’ photo gallery.

We spent a lot of this year’s Kingswood visit high up in the air. We’d zipped along the zipwire, leaped through the air in the ‘Leap of Faith’ and, on our last day, experienced the thrill of the ‘3G Swing’. Those of us brave enough to go to the very highest flag experienced the full 3G force as we plummeted towards the ground.

Click HERE to view the ‘3G Swing’ photo gallery.

‘Nightline’ involved blindfolds, teamwork, mud and lots of water.

Click HERE to view Part 1 of the ‘Nightline’ photo gallery.

Here’s the other group of ‘Nightline’ children!

Click HERE to view Part 2 of the ‘Nightline’ photo gallery.

There was never a dull moment at the Kingswood Centre. If we weren’t involved in any of the above activities then we could be found climbing walls, designing computer photo stories, firing arrows, battling with laser guns…lots of things. It was non-stop excitement!

Click HERE to view our other Kingswood activities.

The children were given cameras as well. They took lots and lots of photos. Here’s a selection. Grab a cup of coffee and some biscuits…there’s a lot of photos to look at!

Click HERE to view our other Kingswood activities.

  1. March 19, 2012 at 12:47 am

    To all parents whose beloved are off to Kingswood Isle of Wight these are pictures of Kingswood from another school outing! Pics of what they will be doing, rooms cafe etc. Worth a look 🙂

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