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‘Inspire’ Workshops

November 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Our ‘Inspire’ workshops allow our parents and other relatives to work alongside our children in activities planned by our teachers. Every class has an ‘Inspire’ workshop each year. Take a look at photos of some of our parents and children being ‘inspired’.

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‘The Rocky Monster Show’

The end of term saw the Year 5s and 6s give another spectacular Summer performance. This year’s production was called ‘The Rocky Monster Show’ and was so good even the parents stood up to sing and dance in the final song.

Click HERE to see photos from our Summer Spectacular!

Kingswood 2010

All of our Kingswood 2010 photos have now been moved on to their own page.

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‘Rocket Day’ for Year 5

Year 5 recently went to King Edward VI Five Ways school to learn about Rockets as part of National Science and Engineering week. They had a really super time and learnt a lot too! They made rockets using an empty film canister, an Alka Seltzer tablet and some water. They made quite a mess and the canisters were shooting off towards the hall ceiling!! The also made some rockets out of cardboard and launched them across the playground using a compressor. The ones made by Kitwell flew the highest and the furthest. Kitwell also had chance to see a real space rocket called “Starchaser” that will be sent into space later this year. Year 5 were disappointed that they couldn’t go inside it, though!

Click HERE to have a look at some of the photos from their amazing visit!