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Year 5/6 End of Year Production – ‘Time Lord’

Our oldest children rounded off a year of concerts and performances with a comical production called ‘Time Lord’. This time travelling epic featured dinosaurs, Beethoven, ancient warriors and a mysterious time traveller.

Click HERE to view photos from the entertaining epic!


Year 6 Water Fight

September 1, 2013 Leave a comment

This year, our Class 6 children really embraced the challenge of facing their Year 6 SAT tests and really proved themselves to be more than capable of coping with challenging situations. Resilience in the face of a challenging situation is something which we really try to instil in our children.

And when the test week was over, they had a water fight with each other and their teacher. We’re not quite sure who won…but watery fun was had by all.

Click HERE to take a look at our Year 6 children giving each other a right good soaking…


Guide Dog

September 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Our children were lucky enough to be visited by a beautiful young Labrador. This very special dog was training to be a Guide Dog for people with visual impairments. Our children found out about the very special and intensive training which all dogs have to undergo before they become ‘fully qualified’ Guide Dogs.

Click HERE to take a look at our very special canine visitor…


Easter Bonnet Parade 2013

September 1, 2013 Leave a comment

It was cold and snowy outside but that didn’t stop us having our usual Easter bonnet. A packed hall of parents was able to view all of our children, class by class, in their Eastery decorations. And there were chocolate eggs a plenty for all those who took part.

Click HERE to view photos of our children in their Easter bonnets…


World Book Day 2013

‘World Book Day’ is a day when we celebrate just how great books really are. You can find out more about ‘World Book Day’ by visiting

This year, all the children and teachers at Kitwell dressed up as characters from books.

Click HERE to take a look at Kitwell staff and children in their ‘World Book Day’ costumes…


Foundation Stage Fun

Here’s a collection of photos showing our Foundation Stage children cooking and tasting, enjoying their fruit and generally embracing their life at Kitwell School.

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Snowy Days at Kitwell

We had lots of snow at the start of 2013…and even though it caused lots of trouble and inconvenience for people attempting to use the roads around our school, it also made our school site look wonderful. There were lots of opportunities for our children to build snowmen, roll huge snowballs and also try to build igloos.

Click HERE to take a look at our snowy school site…


‘Sugar Plum’

Our Year 1 and 2 children performed the Christmas play ‘Sugar Plum’ for their parents…and this year, a very special visitor turned up to watch their performance…

Click HERE to see our Year 1 and 2 children perform ‘Sugar Plum’


And here a a few photos of Lord Mayor of Birmingham Councillor John Lines when he came to visit!

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Foundation Stage Nativity

Our Foundation Stage children perform the Nativity story for our parents every year. There’s always lots of dressing up and the children all really enjoy getting into the festive spirit!

Click HERE to see our Foundation Stage children waiting for their Nativity performance…


Global Dimensions Week 2012

Kitwell children are starting to embrace the fact that they are Global Citizens. Here is a selection of photos which demonstrates how our children are learning about other countries and cultures…

Click HERE to see our ‘Global Dimensions Week’ photo gallery…