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Windy Days

Our Nursery children had a great time trying not to get blown away by today’s ferocious wind. They went outside and had loads of fun playing in the blustery gales.

Click HERE to take a look at their windy exploits.

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Brass Assembly

May 22, 2011 1 comment

On May 5th, we were treated to an assembly led by Mr. Douglas – our Brass teacher. He intoduced several songs played by seven girls from Year 4 and 5. We had tenor horn and trombone players in Year 5 and cornet players in Year 4.  We heard many songs on the theme of the Royal wedding, including ‘Here Comes the Bride’ and the National Anthem. Well done, girls, the hard work and practise is really paying off!

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Easter Bonnet Parade 2011

Last year, bad weather meant that we had to have our Easter Bonnet Parade in the school hall. This year, we were back outside again and enjoying the good weather.

Click HERE to see the full Easter Bonnet Parade photo gallery.

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‘E-A-S-T-E-R Easter’

‘E-A-S-T-E-R easter’ is a song we’ll remember for years to come. We’ll also remember just how good our recent Year 3 and Year 4 Easter Production actually was.

Click HERE to see the full Easter Production photo gallery.

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